Auction Car Buying Process


The Japan used cars auction system provides high quality not used and second-hand cars at cheap prices. There are more than 60,000 cars lined up for the auction everyday. Actions are held from Monday to Saturday in Japan. The auctions are situated all over Japan from the top island of Hokkaido in the North to the small islands of Okinawa in the South.


Highest degree of transparecy

The cars that reach Japanese Auctions are high quality, low cost, durable and trendy. You can choose from a vast range of thousands of cars.  


You can find any type of car: Left Hand Drive (like Germany), Right Hand Drive(like UK)

It can be found left hand drive and right hand drive car in the auctions. You can find your dream car in there. For example Mustang, BMW, Mercedes etc. Japanese used cars auctions are not limited to one type car or make, it is a pool of wide variety of cars and almost all makes and models that have been manufactured in Japan.


Most  Important Point: Inspection Sheets

Every vehicle in an auction has an inspection sheet. Those are completed after an inspection by the Japanese car auction house. The Inspection sheet provides full accuracy in determining the condition of the vehicle.


Real chance for you

As a Blue River family we will find good and bargain cars for you. We are updating car list every day. We select some cars from auctions and put to our page.Firstly we check cars inspection sheets. Those cars in our system have not any problem for example gearbox, engine, electronic etc. We do not supply non-running cars and cars with technical problems.


We are just one click away from you

Once you decided to one car in our web page just make an inquiry to us. By e-mail or whattsapp message. Important point about auction car is time. Please make your inquiry to us 3 hours the auction begins.


To making an inquiry please follow this easy steps:

Step 1: Deposit

A deposit is required to participate in auction. 

USD $1,000 total vehicle price up to $10,000
USD $2,000 total vehicle price up to $20,000
USD $3,000 total vehicle price up to $30,000
USD $4,000 total vehicle price up to $40,000
USD $5,000 total vehicle price up to $50,000


We refund your deposit for the auction as long as we do not purchase any vehicle. The deposits are 100% refundable.You can use it for another auction, apply a refund or use it to pay for another car. We are just requiring our customers to make a deposit for security purposes as we will be bidding on the car based your our customer's budget using our own money. Deposit is refundable. However, bank commission and bidding fee (if it was too late cancel it) would be deducted from the deposit.

Step 2:Make an request

After making a deposit and once you have chosen a vehicle that you want, send an e-mail to us, make phone call for that. And write your "maximum bid amount" for that vehicle.

Step 3: Getting a dream car for a very good price

Upon a successful bid, we will issue your invoice the working day after auction date. Invoice includes "buying price", "service charge", "shipping". This means that "CF Price".  Service charges includes this fees: 

  • Auction Fee
  • Local Transport Fee
  • Blue River Comission
  • All other cost incurred in Japan (with the exception of inspection fee)

Service charge depends on car price.

Servis Charge Car Buying Price
1200 USD 10000 USD
1400 USD 15000 USD
1900 USD 20000 USD
2200 USD 25000 USD
2500 USD 30000 USD
2800 USD 35000 USD
3000 USD 40000 USD
3300 USD 45000 USD
3500 USD 50000 USD


Important point of bid cancellations

As you wish to cancel a vehicle you have purchased, 1200 US cancellation fee will be charged. However, in some cases, due to an auction rule, we may not be able fulfill cancellation process. You may be required to pay all the cost for reselling the vehicle. This depends on the auction house and the timing when you ask for cancellation. If total reselling fee exceeds 1200 USD you will be required to pay the rest of the cost. This does not apply for one price cars of this system.